Sunday, February 13, 2011


yay for days off! i rented a bunch of period movies today...the other boleyn girl, amadeus, and julius caesar. dinner plans include lemon basil chicken, quinoa and kale. i've only ever seen kale as a garnish at a restaurant before, but it just looked so lovely and leafy and green, so i figured why not give it a shot. i'm sure the joy of cooking will have a wonderful suggestion on how to prepare it.

i guess i've been using this first trimester as an excuse to be fairly lazy. mostly i lay about and read books and snack. rough life, hey? finished the scarlet letter last week, i really enjoyed it. and today i finished the white queen by philippa gregory. bit of a cliff hanger, that one! judging by the title of the next book, the red queen, i'm gonna guess that the yorks lose the final battle to the lancastrians. also because i know that the tudor family are the next to rise to power, and henry tudor was set to battle the york family at the end of this book. so there. next up: the birth house by ami mckay! i've been wanting to read this for a long time. i think i'm gonna love it.

i have a plan to start knitting again. i've got lots of little ends of really nice yarn, alpaca and mohair and such, but not enough to make any one substantial thing. so i think i'm going to make a blanket of knitted squares. perhaps i'll make a start while i watch movies tonight. woo hoo!

cold out again. must take cilla for a walk but i don't want to but i will. gonna walk the other way today, towards callison. thrilling. i actually miss being in town for the walks...lots more options there! up to crocus bluff, along the 9th ave trail, to the slide or at least the first lookout, along the dike, or right on the river. from where i am now, i can't quite get to the river...well i suppose i could walk out on the ponds but kim told me a story of falling through the ice, so that makes me a little nervous. there's a nice trail at rock creek, and the ridge road trail, but i hate when my walk has to start out with a drive.

more blood to be drawn tomorrow, not looking forward to that, but then it's date night with p! wish it was a bit warmer, i'd like to go snowshoeing.

okay. gonna finish my soup and then take cilla out. i've been eating way too much lipton chicken noodle. must get back into making my own soup.

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  1. You be careful on your walk, good idea to stay away from the ponds. Enjoy your date night. Happy Valentines Day sweetie, we love you.


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