Wednesday, April 16, 2014

6 month old baby!

As of this week, Colm has been on this earth for 6 months! I can't believe half a year has gone by already.

These days, Colm is just beginning to sit up on his own. He's also got quite the set of lungs on him, and makes some pretty hilarious sounds. He loves to laugh at his brother's antics most of all, and that makes me so happy! His eyes are so bright, so alert; and blue! He likes to fall asleep in my arms or in the wrap on my chest. He also really enjoys being carried on my hip, in the wrap, while I do dishes or prepare a meal. I'm so glad we mastered that hip carry!

Colm is a very itchy little man, though, and that breaks my heart. The eczema on his face is a bit better these days, but definitely still something we deal with on a daily basis. He's got patches on his right elbow and behind both knees, as well as on the back of his shoulder. His back and his belly are covered in a rash that is almost gone some days, and all over on others. It's tiring trying to guess what is causing the flare ups. Is it something in my diet? Is it laundry detergent? Pet dander? Dust? Seasonal? We try to keep his skin moist and his hands either occupied or covered in socks. I feel awful that he's sitting up and ready to explore the world with his hands a bit more...and they're covered in socks. He'd tear his face up, though, if left un-socked and unattended.

In spite of the itch, he is an incredibly good natured little boy. He is a mama's boy, though, and bedtimes feel like a marathon to get Aedan ready to go before Colm completely loses it in P's arms. I hope that changes soon. 

It seems strange that I worry more about Colm than I ever did about Aedan, especially strange given that Aedan is my first and was diagnosed with diabetes at 7 weeks old. But Colm...I worry about his rash and what might be causing it. I worry about his head being oddly shaped and I wonder if his brains are suffering. I worry that he's not as strong as Aedan was at this age, or as strong as other babies the same age, even though I know you're not supposed to compare. It's exhausting! But I'm sure the rash will clear and his skull will straighten out (or at least he'll get hair and it won't be obvious) and then I guess I'll be worrying about scraped knees or broken bones or peanut allergies or something.

You're my little love, Colm. I just want you to be okay!