Friday, February 4, 2011


so. puked up my breakfast this morning. first time! well, no. actually, the first time was on the drive to the lagoon tour in puerto. i sprayed mango chunks all over the inside of the bird-man's shiny SUV door. mmmm. mango.

no way i was making it to the outhouse (kinda glad for that. i don't relish the idea of vomiting in there), so i just ejected off the side of my deck into the snow. it was still dark out, pretty mild, snow whirling around me, listening to the wind in the spruce trees. by far not the worst experience ever.

found myself wondering how long it takes for vitamins to break down and absorb. i'd taken mine maybe 15 minutes prior. maybe i'll have to start taking them with lunch instead, though i hope this doesn't become a regular occurence.

hm. been feeling pretty good, other than that little episode. getting nervous about telling c, i'll get that out of the way in the next day or two. i don't think p is going to be able to contain himself much longer, he's getting pretty excited, bubbling over with the news, so it won't be long before word gets out to the general populace. good thing i had that mexico vacation...everyone keeps telling me i'm glowing and look wonderful and's just the tan...right.

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  1. Well it might be a good idea to start taking those vitamins in the afternoon or early evening. Can't have you throwing them up all the time, they won't do much good that way.


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