Saturday, February 5, 2011

congratulations! your birth control failed!

i'm afraid to eat breakfast! this sucks. normally i need to eat first thing otherwise i feel sick. what to do? was reading an article on about homeopathic remedies for morning sickness...something about ginger. maybe i could start with a cup of ginger tea, although i think this article was about aromatheraphy and essential oils. of course that's a trip to whitehorse, so i'll have to make do with what i've got at hand for now.

been thinking a lot about housing. the last few years i've been moving towards buying a place of my own. no more paying someone else's mortgage. however, there is pretty much no housing market in dawson. i looked around on a few of the usual websites and the only things for sale are like 200-400 thousands dollars, or in west dawson. and i happen to think living in west dawson is ridiculous. unless they were to build a bridge. there are still those lots available in the north end...i looked at them this summer, it's a huge patch of willows. not exactly ideal...i feel like even if i cleared it all out, the willows would eventually creep back in. however, i should ask some landscapers about that. and yeah, i could eventually do some landscaping, plant some proper trees etc. i think if i went this route i would try to buy two adjacent lots, so i could have a nice big yard. they're not terribly expensive. and the more i think about it, the more i think living in town would be the best thing with a little one. then they could walk to school or to their friend's house, and their friend's could walk to mine. not to mention my friends. it's not as though many of my friends have wheels.

so. i think on monday i'll go to the appropriate government office and ask some questions about those lots. like if i buy two lots, am i expected to build on both lots within five years? or could it be turned into one lot, with one house? and i think i would talk to some of the people who have recently purchased city lots and built houses, to find out who did the building and what the experience was like. and then on my next whitehorse trip i'm going to make an appointment at each bank and talk about mortgages. what would i be looking at, a construction loan or something?

i just feel like i want/need to make a move. it's not like the housing market is going to change. if anything housing prices are going to skyrocket. well. i think they're already pretty unreasonable. and if i build, it'll be what i want right away, no dealing with someone else's shoddy workmanship.

it's like i'm being rudely SHOVED into full-fledged adulthood. what the hell?!

in other news, i think it's funny when people "congratulate" me. "congratulations! your chosen method of birth control failed!" it's not like i did anything; i was trying to prevent this outcome! not that i'm complaining...(well, i suppose i'm complaining about this uncertain breakfast situation)...i guess it's just something people say.


  1. Welcome to adulthood honey! Having a little one totally changes your world, for the better I might add (until they reach those teenage years, then there are a few years of absolute worry).

    Try crackers in the morning, they may help a little. Paybacks are a bitch but it's all worth it in the end! I'll send some ginger tea in my next parcel. Thanks for the update. Lots of love,

  2. You passed school, you passed your driving test, and now you passed a pregnancy test LOL. As for a house how about looking into a prefab. It's built in a factory and assembled on site.

  3. yeah, i passed a pregnancy test in another LANGUAGE, no less! embarazada indeed!

  4. Hey! I use ginger for nausea (I especially like the candied stuff) but look into it. The governing body for food safety in Finland apparently recently published a report waring against it while prego... but who knows? The interweb is so full of conflicting information

  5. Huh, imagine that. I just happen to have some ginger chews in the package that's on it's way to you as we speak. Should get there sometime next week, I'll let you know when it gets delivered by the post office.

  6. ginger works great! I would chew on crystalized ginger, i bet i got it at one of the groc stores there...
    i am interested in these north end lots!!
    you could definitely get rid of the willows.
    i want one!


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