Sunday, February 27, 2011

12 weeks!

hi! up early today, p and i are heading down to whitehorse for a few days. i told him he is allowed only one day of hotel business, the rest is for play. we're gonna go to the canada games center and swim, and maybe to the hotsprings, and i want to go bowling, and see a movie if there is something good playing, and eat sushi and italian and relax! i'm pretty excited.

coming in to my second trimester now. wowzers! that went by fast. aside from this headcold, i'm feeling really good. no more nausea, my appetite is good and i've got a little more energy. "they" say the second trimester is the best one. i'm kind of looking forward to my bump, which is yet to appear. and feeling the baby move around!

so word is out in dawson town. some of the gents (i use this word very loosely) in the bar want to start a pool...not to guess the birth day or the birth weight, as would be seemly, but rather to guess how much larger my breasts will get. i told them they need a lesson in bra sizes, first. one guess was "12 pounds" and another was "10 inches". obviously they've never been too close to bras or breasts. they've got the right idea, though.

also i'm now subject to advice and scrutiny. i know she means well, but mrs. o has begun to tell me i'm getting a "spare tire" around my middle, and that soon i'll need bigger pants. thanks, love you. good thing i've got thick skin! thing is, i'm pretty sure i haven't actually put on too much weight. i've always had that little roll, she's just noticing it all of a sudden because she's expecting me to get beigger. someone else begged me to get out of the bar, that it was no place to be pregnant. she said she didn't want my baby to hear her being drunk and swearing. i told her she was just going to have to behave better! ha!

i filed my taxes a couple days ago! so proud of myself! i think it went better than last year. i did not come out owing. although last year, in the end, i got a credit. so. step one in operation buy a house is complete. as soon as i get my remittance i'm going to the bank to find out what kind of a mortgage they'll give me, and then there is actually a house i've got my eye on. it is definitely nothing special, it's had a for sale sign on it for some time now and i turned my nose up at it 6 months ago but now i just see it as having a lot of potential. we shall see!

it's windy out. it feels like a spring wind. it's pretty much march, we're in the home stretch i say! lots of sunshine, hopefully warmer weather...gonna try to get out snowshoeing a little more often. before i'm ungainly.

okay. that is all. bye!


  1. hey! still haven't picked up that book but it is my excuse to head down to the "Bookery" and check it out. What house may I ask? Sue's place?

  2. p.s. my breast pool pick: too tight bras combined with back pain and the amazement of creating your own baby's food. :)

  3. "Ontario" GrandmaMarch 2, 2011 at 5:45 PM

    Hmmmm.....breast pool huh?? Well I guess it could be worse, just tell the "gents" in the bar they'd better behave. Dad wants to know if he's going to have to come for extra time this summer? He hopes there's not too much work for him to do on this house you've got your eye on. Enjoy "Whiterse", let's talk when you get back.


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