Wednesday, February 16, 2011

gettin' busy

well, yesterday was pretty much a write-off. i was feeling blue, so i had popcorn for dinner and watched t.v. until i couldn't stand it anymore. then i read until i fell asleep, the light of the full moon shining through my window.

it's still cold out there, ice fog making the bright sunshine a little fuzzy. the sky looks clear and blue above that.

i only allow myself one day to wallow in blue, so today i've been pretty active. i finished the birth house early this morning, what a powerful book! it should have won canada reads, although i haven't read the one that did win. justine, you'd love this book.

so anyway, i've done all the dishes and i finally moved the school desk out of my place. it's useless and takes up space. rearranged some shelves and started a little altar for myself. this is something i've done since i was pretty young...a place where i have candles, incense, rocks, crystals and feathers, pretty cards and bits of fabric all gathered together, a place for meditating and focussing my thoughts and hopes and wishes. seemed appropriate at this time, and it's been awhile since i've conciously made one. it always gives me a sense of peace and of the divine...whatever that may be.

going to make a pot of hot n' sour soup for lunch (finally getting back to making my own soups!) and then i might split some wood. if there's anything good about this extreme cold, it's how easy it is to split birch!

read through the nutrition section of "canada's pregnancy care book" yesterday. oh my! i thought i had a somewhat balanced diet but i do not. this baby is sure changing my life in a myriad of ways! so i'll be making a revised grocery list and hope to bring a little more balance and variety into my life. i figure i'm no longer spending money on booze, so i might aswell splurge a little in the grocery department!

things i refuse to give up: laliberte's citrus yogurt. it's the thickest most delicious yogurt i've ever had, it's full fat, and i love it!

got a hankerin' for eileen's pickled beets. i might ask if she's got any more jars in her pantry...


  1. Soooo, just how big is this school desk you speak of? Should you really be moving furniture? And what about the wood splitting.....pretty strenuous work isn't it? Just be careful, there may come a time when you can't do those things.

  2. ha, you must have ripped through the birth house!
    and I LOVE Liberte's lemon yogies!!! mmmm.
    and I too was suprised by all the things the recommend you eat each day when pregnant.
    I found this downloaded preggers eating checklist that i will message you on fb.
    and also amen to no booze bucks and big food bill.


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