Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 P52 week 2: House on Fire

For this week's challenge, we had to think about and photograph what we'd grab if our house were on fire and we had 10 minutes to gather personal possessions. It made for some beautiful images and stories shared in the forum, and lots of thought provoking discussion.

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I would grab. But in the end, I feel like, other than the obvious (our lives) there is nothing we couldn't replace. I've lost an important piece of heirloom jewelry in the last couple of years, and it was agony for about a year. And then I got over it. They're just things. Most of my photos exist somewhere on the internet. So, I was practical in what I would grab. It doesn't make for a very interesting picture, but it certainly has had me thinking a lot over the past week.

My camera, which is replaceable, but it's always on my mind so, if I'm being honest, I would probably grab it. The diaper bag, because that's second nature by now. Aedan's boots, because I wouldn't want his feet to get cold, and his glucometer and Glyburide. Both of which are easily replaceable, but, like the camera, it's always on my mind.


Please take a few minutes to check out some of the amazing talent in our blog circle. Next up is Kristy.


  1. Very practical, I feel very much the same! This was a tough one, wasn't it?!

    1. Yes it was! I'm kind of glad it's over. ; )

  2. Hmmm not sure what I would grab at all........

  3. Being practical usually makes things run more smoothly. :)


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