Wednesday, January 16, 2013

On the other hand...

Some days are just beautiful.

Like yesterday: the clouds cleared off at dawn, and we were treated to a lovely, slow sunrise, the wisps of cloud still trailing across the sky blushing pink. The sun finally burst over the hills around 10:30, and oh my did we enjoy the afternoon.

More sun!

After lunch we all spent a couple of hours in the yard, P shoveling snow off the roof, Aedan chasing the dogs and throwing himself backwards in the snow, Mama taking some photos.

Happy baby!

The wind was blowing the snow off the trees; we've had so much over the last couple of days, about a foot!


Snow angel

My Tuesday night yoga classes started up again last night, too, and that was just wonderful. I feel strong and grounded today, my body back in balance...

well, except for the leftover berry crumble I ate for breakfast this morning. That wasn't a good idea.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I hope you get more sun to enjoy and bring some colour back to your life.

  2. Are these shots part of your 365 Project? They're great.

    1. Thanks! I did use one of them for the 365 project.

  3. wow. gosh, so much snow. the welcome sun must make everything look and feel so different. happy baby!

  4. Oh my, beautiful pictures. I especially like the first one.



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