Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Blues

January has caught up to me, burying me in an avalanche of monochrome sky. It fills my eyesearsnosemouthlungs with cold and dark; I choke on it, gasping for warm breath.

It smothers each tree, each branch and twig. Every twisted strand of lichen, each spruce needle, each dried out stalk of grass that has managed to keep its head up: weighted heavy with snow.

Each day is flat, grey, sunless. The trees offer a suggestion of green that is more black than anything, their trunks a pale brown. That is the only relief in this drear month.

I long for colour and light. Gaudy-plumed tropical birds calling raucously from trees in every shade of green, trees sporting blooms of red, purple, yellow, orange. I long for skies that scream blue, and puffy white clouds  and an ocean that glitters in the ever-deepening gradient of the Caribbean. 

I hunger for fresh fruit, juicy and ripe bursting between my teeth, flooding my mouth with stored up sunlight instead of this tiresome weight of snow and ice and dark 



I forgot what January was like. I seem to forget each year until it hits me like this.

3 weeks until Nicaragua: an orgy of light and colour and fresh fruit and oh my. Swimming and bare shoulders and bare feet. At least I've got this to move toward!


  1. I cannot for one minute imagine what that must be like. Where I live is dreary, but we do have some colour. I hope you can get through this difficult time.

  2. We are heading to Maui in just one week. It is our first hot vacation and we are taking the kids with us too. While I haven't been hit with the seasonal blues at all this year, I am still sure this vacation is just what we need.

    I kind of like the hues of grey that the Yukon winter has to offer. But I do look forward to those vibrant spring colours!

    1. Wow, so exciting! I bet you'll have a blast, I hear Maui is beautiful.

      Winter is beautiful up here, and this one has been easier than others, but some days (like the day I posted this!) just get to me!


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