Friday, April 1, 2011

moving right along

so, in the past couple of days i've made leaps and bounds into the world of adulthood. i went to the bank to talk about a mortgage and ended up with a line of credit and a tax free savings account. i've finally stopped acting like my nana and no longer keep large sums of money under the mattress.

today i found out that the bank would be willing to give me a mortgage. so the first step has been taken. i now know what i have to work with. i definitely won't be purchasing any of the 250-300,000 houses available in dawson right now. and i most likely will not be buying a lot and building a new house, either. however, do have the ability to purchase one of the 30-year old, in-need-of-repair smaller houses that occasionally become available. so. i'm underwhelmed but determined to make this work.

i heard back from my doctor about all that blood they've been taking from me. turns out my babe has no risk of strange genetic abnormalities. excellent.

also, i finally heard back from a doula! i've contacted probably a dozen women in whitehorse in the past month. three have written back to say they're unavailable, and i've received no response from the rest, until last night! a woman named lillian will be available to assist in my labour (if i choose). i've emailed off my list of questions, and am eagerly awaiting the reply. much like buying a house in the yukon, it's a bit disappointing not to have a choice here, but she seems really wonderful and i think it's going to be a good fit.

pregnancy is going swimmingly. my appetite is starting to return with a vengence, which i'm pretty excited about because if you know me, you know how i love to eat.

i'm 17 weeks along right now and i think i feel some movement, but i don't really know for sure. i sometimes feel a definite, indescribable and sustained sensation in what i figure is the right spot. i mostly experience this if i'm reclined, either lying down or leaning back against paul on the couch. so. i'm cautiously excited about that! i look forward to the next dr's appointment, when i hope to finally hear a heartbeat.

ultrasound in 3 weeks time. now THAT is exciting! while i'm down there i'll also be checking out the celebration of swans. i'm really looking forward to that!

last night i had a dream about demon babies. it was scary. that's stephen king's influence. one of the main characters in the book i'm reading is currently carrying a demon child, conceived while she was using sex to distract a demon while her friends pulled a little boy through a magical door from one world into another. no big deal.


  1. "Ontario" GrandmaApril 2, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    WOW, what an exciting week you've had! I remember the first time I felt you moving around. Felt kind of like a flutter to me at first. It's such a wonderful feeling. Before you know it you'll be experiencing a foot pushing out on your ribs and the feeling that that little one is doing aerobics inside of you, causing you to feel somewhat like a contortionist! It's such a great time in your life. Enjoy every moment of it. Love you and miss you.

  2. Demon babies! Ba ha ha ha!
    I loves it!


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