Sunday, April 3, 2011

serenity now!

i have thick skin. i have thick skin. i have thick skin. i have thick skin.

"jeez, yer boobs're gettin' bigger!"

"yer startin' to get chubby"

(thanks bruce caley, for those two observations)

"you're going to need bigger pants soon! better call your sister up and get her to go shopping for you!"

that one was mrs. o. i think we're going to come to blows over this pregnancy, even though i love her dearly and would quite possibly ask her to watch my babe if i chose to go back to work on dayshift.

yesterday she also told me that i should be taking my prenatal vitamins in the a.m. with a glass of milk. when i told her i can't stomach them first thing, that it makes me puke, she told me that's what they're SUPPOSED to do. huh?! puke out the vitamins? that doesn't make sense. she said that's just my body getting used to new medicine. we glared at each other and then i got to do my favourite thing about bartending: walk away from a conversation without it being perceived as rude.

anyway, i happen to LIKE my little belly. i think i'm probably healthier right now than i've ever been before. so there.

i have thick skin. i have thick skin. i have thick skin. i have thick skin.


  1. pregnant bodies are Beauutyful. there's someone in yer belly!! who could it be?!?!? :0)

  2. Tara, congrats so much! You are going to be such an incredible Mom. Can't WAIT to see pics of the new little one & meet him/her! Sue

  3. "Ontario" GrandmaApril 8, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    Yes you certainly do have thick skin. Apparently these people have never had kids before. I for one, can't wait to see you pregnant belly, I think pregnant ladies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Love you sweetie, next time we need to skype!


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