Thursday, April 14, 2011

cravings et cetera.

i got to hear baby's heartbeat yesterday! pretty amazing. last doctor's appointment the doctor couldn't find it. no problems this time, though! it's really fast, 138 beats per minute. she compared it to my own heartbeat so i could understand just how fast that is. everything else at the doctor's went well, i think i've gained about 9.5 lbs so far, all my blood tests have come back negative, and apparently my uterus is "where it should be". i think that just means that i am indeed about 18 and a half weeks preggers.

ultrasound next week! which means a trip to whitehorse. the celebration of swans will be going on while we're there, and i've never been so that's a bonus. we're also gonna go to the hotsprings. although i don't think i'm supposed to soak in hot water for long. maybe they'll have a "warm" pool. or maybe i can just soak for a shorter period of time.

so i know so far i've mostly been complaining about the unsolicited advice i receive from the drunks i spend my evenings with, but they're also quite sweet and i know they care about me. lately they like to share their food with me. sometimes it's leftovers from dinner (and i hate to admit it, but the last few offerings have actually made my stomach turn...after they leave i pass it off on someone else), sometimes it's baked goods (that's mrs. 0. probably my favourite! she's making hotcross buns this weekend, of which i hope to be a recipient). sometimes berries! yogi has brought me dried cranberries and last night she gave me raspberries. the dried cranberries could become a potential "craving". i supremely enjoyed the tart flavour of those things! also in that vein, i've been really enjoying mixed greens with a little olive oil, grated parmesan and lots of fresh lemon juice. mmmmmm. and sweet, too. all of a sudden i can't take my tea without sugar.

my belly is getting hard to deny. i need to get some dun-dun-duuuuuh maternity clothes while i'm in the 'horse next week. also i need to stop by the thrift store and see what they've got. i should do that before buying new clothes.

in other news, the pets are good practise for a baby. at 6 am this morning patsy woke me up with her famous book trick...pawing open the cover and however many pages she can, then letting it drop back against whatever surface the book is sitting on. repeat as often as necessary until the bitch gets out of bed and feeds me. cilla, on the other hand, just sits by my head and whines a very soft little whine, and sometimes paws my face.

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