Monday, April 1, 2013

Surprise #2

I've been keeping this one under my hat for a while now, but can't do it any longer...

I'm pregnant!

Just like with Aedan, I found out just as we were getting ready to go on our vacation. Not very good timing! It's part of why I didn't get as much out of this trip as I'd hoped...I spent half of it experiencing morning sickness and a serious lack of energy.

I'm about 13 weeks along now, due October 6th. I'm not feeling as connected to this pregnancy as I was with the first, maybe because I'm so busy chasing around a toddler so I don't have much time for reflecting. I look forward to the first stirrings from within. I think that will change everything. We have an appointment with our midwife in Whitehorse in a little less than two weeks, and I wonder if we'll get to hear a heartbeat.

As I enter the second trimester, I'm eager for the tiredness to abate. I feel like the house is always in shambles and I have to force myself to get anything done. The dogs haven't had a proper walk in weeks and my body is missing yoga practice. I'm making a conscious effort to get more iron in my daily diet, and I think that's helping. I'm going to ease myself back into my regular exercise routine, gradually lengthen my walks day by day.

Breastfeeding is becoming challenging for me, and I flip-flop between desperately wanting to wean Aedan, and an intense desire to work through it and let him wean when he's ready. I feel very antsy, almost irritated, while he's nursing, and my nipples are quite tender. It doesn't help that it seems like he wants to nurse often these days...and I believe my supply has begun to drop off. To top it all off, he started biting again yesterday. He's also got some red cheeks and has been chewing on his finger, so I wonder if he's just go a bit of teething pain right now. I think most likely I will work through this and let him wean naturally. It's what I've wanted for him all along, and he obviously still needs to nurse, whether for the calories, the comfort, or both.

I wanted to include a belly shot with this post, but I don't think I've got much of a baby belly to look at, so I'll forgo it for now!


  1. Congratulations! I felt like my second pregnancy flew by since I was busy chasing a toddler around too. What an exciting time for your family!

  2. Wow, congratulations hope all goes well during your pregnancy. :)

  3. Yeah TarA, that is so exciting! Good luck to you and the family!


  4. Tara! I haven't even finished reading this post because I couldn't wait to comment! Congratulations! I'm not sure if I have ever told you before, but you are one of the few people in my life that has ever, EVER made me considering having children. I hope you take that as the compliment it is intended to be. I am inspired by your self-awareness and the way in which you mentally approach both pregnancy and mama-hood. Can't wait to read more.



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