Sunday, November 4, 2012


Over the last few days we've had quite a bit of snow. It's still snowing now as I type this post. It's a grey day, and it's been spent mostly indoors.

Yesterday, though, the snow stopped falling for the afternoon and it was just right for snowshoeing (and later, snow shovelling!)

I packed Aedan into my amauti (no tears this time!), strapped on my snowshoes, and away we went into the woods.

The closest I've got to a full length mirror...





Aedan got to do some exploring on his own!

Funny face!


Hanging with the dogs in the nicely shoveled walkway!


Hope you're enjoying your winter, whatever it may look like!


  1. wow, someone got a bunch of exercise and fresh air shoveling that walkway!! looks lovely out there! what a great...amauti? where'd ya get that?

    oh and I LOVe Aeden's funny face!!! What a cutie pie!

    1. Yep, that was me who got all that exercise! It was so nice, too. Didn't get to do any of that last winter.

      I found a lady in Yellowknife who makes those parkas, I got it made last winter. I love it!

  2. So awesome! Love the amauti! And please send some snow our way. The boys tried out their new snowshoes today in our few inches of snow and loved them. I am dying to try out my own!

    1. We've got so much of it already, I'm sure we could spare a few inches!

  3. I'm certainly not ready for snow yet but glad you are enjoying it. Also glad to hear our little guys is getting used to it and not crying so much. What exactly is an amauti? Looks like it has a built in baby carrier? Must be warm by the looks of it. Love Aedan's boots, and his hat looks warm too!

    1. The amauti is a sort of parka/baby carrier traditionally used by the Inuit. It has a big pouch in the back for the baby to sit in, and an oversized hood that I can pull of over both of us if I need to.

      The boots are awesome, so is the hat! The parka you gave us is still a bit big and unwieldy on him, I found this one second hand, it fits him for now.

      Love you guys, wish you could be here to play in the snow with us!

  4. I can't believe you have so much snow already! I love your amauti, I really wanted one for my first son but we ended up going back and forth to the UK at first so I never did. Your little guy looks so cosy! What a wonderful place to homeschool : )


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