Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flying solo

A while back, I wrote about how Aedan's diabetes may be treatable with a pill.

Three weeks ago, we began to gradually transition him from his insulin pump to Glyburide. This week, the fourth week of the transition, he is receiving a full 5 mg dose of the medication, and is actually off the pump for the majority of the day. So amazing! He is still receiving some insulin from the pump in the evenings, because his blood-glucose levels tend to be higher then.

It's hard to believe that almost 3 months to the day that he got so ill because of high blood sugar, three months to the day that we found out about his diabetes, his body is making and releasing its own insulin again.

It's been kind of scary for me, taking him off the insulin pump. We'd gotten used to it so fast. It is such a cool piece of technology, and I can see how it must be life changing for many diabetics. Now, I have to learn to trust his body again, trust that it will know when to release insulin and in what dosage. It won't be me making those decisions for him anymore!

We're still seeing low blood sugar readings, even now that he's off the pump most of the time. One of the side effects of Glyburide is hypoglycemia. It seems to happen within two hours of taking the meds...or if he's been particularly active, like playing in the Jolly Jumper. I'm still struggling with feelings of anger and loss over this. I can't just watch him jump and giggle and fully enjoy the I'm plagued with questions and doubt. Did I feed him enough before putting him in the jumper? Has he been in there too long? Is his blood sugar getting low?

My hope is that, with time (both for me to adjust to having a diabetic child, and for his body to adjust to the new medicine), this will fade and I can focus more completely on enjoying his baby-hood. 


  1. He is so beautiful, Tara ~ sending love to you and your little guy

  2. My gosh. It is just so much to think about!!

    I sure do hope it will all come together and you will be able to enjoy those little moments with him.

    1. Thanks, Kara. I know things will get easier, it's just all so new to us right now.

  3. Try not to let the diabetes overshadow the joy of watching him grow and discover. He is such an angel and you are so lucky to have him. It could always be worse so try not to focus on the negative. P.S........he's so darned cute!!!!!!
    I can't wait to hold him again!

    1. After spending a few days in the pediatric ICU, I know very well that it could be a lot worse, and I'm so grateful that Aedan's diabetes is so easily treated. But some days it's hard not to get down about it. We're still adjusting, I guess.


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