Monday, August 22, 2011


Yesterday I said goodbye to my mom, dad, aunt and gramma, who have been visiting for the last week. I had such a wonderful visit with them, especially since I didn't have to work. In the past, I've only been able to have a few full days off to spend with them. We shared meals, went on a few small hikes, had a bonfire, listened to some live music, and just hung out! I feel so lucky to have family that make the long and costly trip up here to visit me every couple of years. I'm grateful, too, to have had the opportunity to share my chosen home with my gramma. She's in the early stages of Alzheimer's, something her mother died with. It's always been Gramma's greatest fear that she'd end up the same way, and it makes me so sad to see that fear coming true. I am thankful that she still knows who I am. Though much about her has changed, I'm thankful to still see the woman I've always known and loved shining through. Gramma has always been so full of life, so fun-loving and easy-going, with a wonderful sense of humour and she retains these traits even now. Spending time with her over the last week has reminded me how important it can be to live moment to moment. Every day is a new day for her, everything is fresh and nothing is taken for granted.

I'm also grateful that my family could be here for the baby shower my friend held for me. We had a beautiful afternoon, sitting outside in the sun (when it finally broke through the clouds). It was so nice to get together with all the women that I love, share stories and nibblies and laughter. I'd hoped to make a birthing necklace, and asked everyone to bring a special bead to contribute, but I wasn't sure how it would go over. Beads aren't the easiest thing to come by in Dawson, or so I thought...but I was pleasantly surprised at the response. Everyone had one to share! Some very beautiful beads, many of them with a story to go along. Dawson women are certainly resourceful! I've collected all the beads in a pretty little blue pouch, and I plan to make the necklace while I'm sitting around in Whitehorse, waiting for baby to arrive.

Speaking of that, I'll be 38 weeks on Friday, and I should be making my way down to Whitehorse that day or shortly after. I'm frustrated that I have to leave my home at the time when all I want is to be in it, but we don't have a midwife in Dawson and we're not "allowed" to birth our babies here. However, keeping in the spirit of gratitude, I am grateful to know that the Whitehorse General Hospital is so open to letting a woman have the birth of her choosing. I can ask to be left alone with my partner and my doula, and they'll be happy to comply. I'm also very thankful that I found a house-sit, rather than having to live in a hotel for 2 or 3 weeks. This will make the disruption in my life a little easier to bear!


  1. that is so awesome your family came up! and it is also really good that you have a house sit. what a dumb thing that no small towns allow babys to be born. we have to go to Regina to birth.
    sorry i didnt send you those diapers yet! i still will! they won't fit your tiny newborn yet anyways! maybe I'll find a bead too... take care!

  2. ps- did i say that i LOVe your new blog name!! that is Such a great song.

  3. You family are so grateful that you still want to spend time with them. We had a wonderful time with you and Paul. The best time we've had in Yukon so far, although the other two times are close rivals. I think the relaxed atmosphere really helped, just the fact that we really only wanted to do what everyone else wanted to see, no personal agenda of our own. It was so great that you were able to spend time with us, we appreciate that so much as does everyone else in our party. It was just a great visit all around and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing the rest of the family, how true Dawsonites live. We definitely understand the draw of the north and can sleep a little easier now at night, knowing you have such good friends up there in the north. Thanks to all of those friends for looking out for our daughter when we can't be there!


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