Friday, August 12, 2011

Autumn approaches....

Not even the middle of August and already I see the signs of fall all around....

  • Changing foliage...on the drive to and from Whitehorse earlier this week, we saw a few birches that had gone completely yellow already. The ones around the house look like they're on the verge. The willows have been turning a burnt orange and brown for awhile now, but the colour seems deeper, somehow, these days.
  • Berries! Raspberries are definitely over, but with the temperature hovering around freezing in the early mornings, I'd guess it's almost time for cranberries and rosehips, too.
  • A definite chill in the air. I love this about autumn...especially on a bright sunny day, when the temperature is around 15 degrees C and there's a bit of a breeze.
  • Dark nights, stars in the sky, a big, beautiful full moon lighting my way to the outhouse...soon the aurora should make an appearance!
  • People working their final shifts, making plans to leave town, getting ready to go back to school...
  • Fires in the woodstove! We lit one two nights ago and are still getting some heat from it. That's the Blaze King for ya...

  • ....and, of course, the number one sign that autumn is approaching: my growing belly! I'm 35 + weeks in this photo, taken at Miles Canyon in Whitehorse. I'm getting anxious to hold my baby in my arms, to get him or her home and settled. To get bundled up and go for walks in the woods with the doggies. 

I'll be heading down to Whitehorse for my "confinement", as I like to call it, on August 29th. Holy smokes, baby'll be here before you know it!! 

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  1. oh my, my heart longs for the north.
    the feeling in the fall time of getting ready to curl up for winter... and to have a new baby to do it with!!
    we almost came up for a visit then my mom got sick and it isn't a good time. :0(

    you look aaawesome!! yay!


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