Thursday, March 17, 2011

...and another thing

i suppose, like people laying their hands on my belly as it grows, i must get used to the unsolicited advice i now receive on the daily. what i find most amusing is that the advice is coming from the mostly intoxicated people i spend most of my evenings with.

"quit working at the bar or your baby will be screwed up!"

"eat more beans!"

"rub olive oil on your stomach"

"take all the drugs they offer you"

"you were meant to do this, just let it happen"

"don't lift that keg!!"

i find this all to be touching, infuriating, and hilarious.

what really gets my back up, though, is not so much the advice as the people who now tell me how i feel or how i should feel. the people who tell me how i'm going to behave in all of this.

for example:

"don't be silly. once you have the baby, you're not gonna want to use cloth diapers. you'll be too exhausted!"

this next one just made me shake my head, the kind of idiot's logic you can't bother to argue with:

(again, regarding cloth diapers) "that means you'll have to wash, like, 14 cloth diapers a day! it'd be cheaper just to buy towels at the thrift store and throw them out!"


the cloth diaper thing bugs me. granted, if i don't have laundry facilities, i'm pretty sure i won't attempt cloth. but if i do end up with access to a washer/dryer, i don't see why i wouldn't use cloth most of the time. these people telling me that i'm "not going to want to" don't know that i've been using cloth pads for the last 9 or 10 years. i'm already very comfortable with the idea of reusable. it would be stranger for me to buy and then promptly pitch the pampers.

or towels, for that matter.

on an unrelated note (well, related in that it's about pregnancy and childbirth), i've been thinking about NOT finding out the sex of little ziggy at the ultrasound...and also i've been thinking about interviewing doctors in whitehorse. i want to learn everything i can about hospital procedure and i want to choose the doctor who's going to be best for me.

so much to think about! good thing gestation is 9 months. sheesh.


  1. "Ontario" GrandmaMarch 17, 2011 at 5:35 PM

    You've got a strong back Tara, just let those comments roll right off. And to be honest, I would expect nothing less from you than cloth diapers, heck, even I used cloth!

    As for the sex of little baby ziggy........that's one to ponder for awhile.

  2. when i was preggers, i was completely obsessed with searching out used cloth diapers!
    we've used cloth this whole time and I love it.
    Nowadays Attie's in cloth all day and one disposable at night. even if you don't have laundering facilities, its still doable, or even partways doable! they look so dang cute in cloth! if you ever want to talk diapers, i am always in. :0)
    I use cloth pads too. love em. i make a new one every second period or so!!


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