Saturday, March 23, 2013


Granada was gorgeous, beautifully restored colonial buildings: 

Cathedral Detail

Colonial buildings and a volcano

Granada had lots of really unique, colourful doors!


More doors

Isla de Ometepe was calm and quiet after the bustle of Granada. It was a bit buggy, but had lots of natural beauty to fill our days!

Volcan Concepcion
Volcan Concepcion


Watering hole Ranchers would bring their livestock down to the lake each day for a dip!

Jungle Walk

Volcan Madera
Volcan Madera

San Juan del Sur was the ocean...and not finding quite what we wanted. Still...there were flowers and ice cream and sunsets!

Bird of Paradise

Ice Cream!


We learned so much about what we want from a vacation, and about travelling with a toddler. Last year, in Belize, we stayed in one spot. We found that got a bit tiresome after 2 weeks...this year, we visited 3 different places over the course of about 2 and a half weeks. We found this to be a bit too much travelling. Aedan was a real trooper, but each move meant resettling of nap times, getting comfy in new surroundings, finding kid-friendly places to play...we're getting closer to finding what we want, closer to the perfect vacation. Learning about yourself, what you're capable of and what you're not capable of, is definitely one of the most exciting parts about travel!

P.S. In case you were wondering...I kept up with my photo-a-day challenge all through Nicaragua...and lost it while visiting family in Ontario. Maybe next year!


  1. What type of places did you stay in? Hotels or more like condos?

    Looks lovely and oh so warm! Perfect!

    1. We stayed mostly in hotels, and we spent several nights in a two-bedroom home.

      It was beautiful!

  2. great! I love the doors. and that yellow flower. and that flower with the bonnet that still fits him! So next time you guys will just go to two different places maybe? I don't know when the next time we will go somewhere hot is... maybe this summer if it stops snowing, it will be hot here!

  3. Such beautiful pictures, looks like you had a wonderful holiday.


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