Wednesday, December 5, 2012

These days...

These days have been about staying warm. November ended on a chilly note, with lows of -44 C at night and "highs" of around -37 C for the few brief hours the sun is in the sky.

We had seemingly unending issues with our power supply, and both our main and backup generators made numerous trips to the mechanic. This made for some dark mornings, the house filled with flickering candle light, and a little time away from the computer. I quite enjoyed that respite. With a bit of ingenuity on P's part, I think we've got things sorted out and we're ready for the next cold spell.

Through that time I was so grateful that we weren't also dealing with frozen fuel lines (and therefore no heat) or frozen drain pipes, like so many of our friends in town. Our water never stops flowing from the blessed blue jugs, and our woodstove is always crackling warm.

The cold, clear skies began to cloud over two days ago, and today it is grey and warm, with a very light snowfall dusting over our tracks in the yard. I'm glad to have a break from the 40' is a cold that takes your breath away.

These twilight shrouded days, I find myself seeking light wherever I can. I find myself noticing the weak patches of sunlight that briefly shine through the windows, casting shapes and shadows onto the walls. I light candles in all the dark corners where the few electric lights don't reach, taking solace in this nightly ritual (which happens a little earlier each day). I look forward to the winter solstice, when we celebrate the return of the sun and the days gradually lengthening again.


  1. O.K. so I live in CA and feel the same way you do!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! I wake up in the mornings and am cold. I go to bed at night and am cold! I relish the light. . .I made some window stars which make me happy when I look at them during the day. And my daytime high was around 65 today!!!!! Very different from yours. . .but, alas, I look forward to the Winter Solstice too!! Hang on!!!

    1. It's all relative! No matter where we might be in the Northern Hemisphere, we definitely need to hold on to those special festivals and celebrations that break up the cooler temperatures, greyer days and longer nights!

  2. I do love the extreme cold for that cozy feeling you get while hiding out in your house! And the sky is the best colour of blue when it is that cold. I love winter! Now if only we could get healthy so we could get out and enjoy it.

    1. Me, too. I spent most of our first real cold spell all cozy at home! I do love the winter, and I love that we have a REAL winter here in the Yukon, too.

      Wishing you and your family a speedy recovery!


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