Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out for a Stroll

I just love that Aedan is on his own two feet these days. That means he can explore the world at his own level and his own pace! This afternoon we took a little stroll in the woods around our house.

Here we go!

I just love this action shot of Cilla running up to Aedan!

Stopping to pick a berry!

We found an old boot! There is lots of decaying bits in the woods from when they were building the Dempster highway back in the 70's.

Hi, Mama!

Hi, doggies!

Beautiful fall grasses.

Fireweed all gone to seed.


  1. Beautiful! Looks like a fantastic exploring day!

  2. Wow, I had no idea fireweed would go curly? Does it always do that? The grasses do look beautiful and I love the picture of Aedan and Cilla. Wish we were there to enjoy those long walks with you!

  3. aaaw, what a cutie pie! That's fun when they get mobile. I miss that forest floor so incredibly much. Even more now that I got the Boreal Herbal ordered to my library. The photos and words in that book bring up all kinds of glorious and heartbreaking feelings.

    hey! can you pick some fireweed seeds for me if there's still some floating around?! and also perhaps some labrador tea? and a bit of uva ursi?
    I started your letter and was inevitably interrupted...i'll get bak to it soon!

    I'm very glad for you as a good yukon connection!

    1. Erin, I just saw this now! I LOVE the Boreal Herbal. You're right, her words and photos are stirring.

      No chance of fireweed seeds this time around, but I can definitely send you some Labrador tea leaves and bearberry leaves (or is that usnea lichen? I'll have to get my book out!)

      Don't worry 'bout the letter, I wasn't expecting anything soon with the newest little one! I was making a card for you that got interrupted, too!


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