Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blueberry Picking

One of the things I love about summer where we live is the berry-picking. From strawberries in June, to raspberries in late July, to blueberries and cranberries in August and September, it seems like every week, ladies (and gents!) are heading out to their favourite patch to fill their buckets with tiny, tart wild berries.

This summer I've managed to freeze some strawberries, and loads of raspberries (and made raspberry-honey jam, too). I knew the blueberries were ready, but I had no idea where to go to get them. Today, my friend Lynne took me to her spot along the Top of the World highway.

I get my thrills, on blueberry hill.

It was a really beautiful afternoon: warm sunshine on our backs as we picked our way along a hillside covered in fragrant Labrador tea, mossberry, lichen, and of course, blueberries! 

Every so often I would stop just to gaze around us. I never get over the Top of the World highway...the scenery is stunning. The rolling hillsides are just beginning to deepen with autumnal colours, and the distant mountain ranges behind those are seen as though through a haze.

I discovered that Aedan loves wild blueberries! He couldn't keep his hands out of Lynne's bucket, grabbing up handfuls and smushing them into his mouth.  

I have to admit, I was worried a few days ago when I overheard some of the women at my yoga class talking about how the patches were all picked over. I thought for sure I'd missed out. No need to worry, though! I suppose there are millions of blueberries ripening all across the territory this week, along highways, in secret forest clearings, and deep in the back-country where only the bears will have access.

What have you been foraging for these days?


  1. Wow, those berries are huge compared to the huckleberries we pick! I actually harvested some huckleberry leaves and dried them for tea and was wondering if you could do that with the wild blueberry? I've been doing quite a bit of wild harvesting this summer, it is amazing just how many plants are actually edible or great to make into infused oils, teas and tinctures!

    1. I haven't dried any blueberry leaves but I have dried a lot of raspberry leaves. I've been doing quite a bit of wild harvesting this summer, too! You're right, it's amazing how much food and medicine is growing all around us. I'm mostly drying leaves and flowers for teas, but I tried making bedstraw-infused oil (good for earaches or as a carrier oil for massage) and yarrow tincture.

  2. Those berries look damned tasty. I are envious, yes I am.


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