Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 weeks postpartum

Aedan is 2 weeks old today! We also had our first real snowfall today, which I've been secretly anticipating. The ground and the spruce trees are all dusted in white, and there are still little flakes falling.

Back to the baby. He's a pretty wonderful little guy. He's beginning to have more periods of wakefulness. This morning I had him lying on the sheep skin, where he waves his arms and legs around a lot -- just starting to discover that he's got a whole wide world to explore with those limbs! He does lots of looking around, too. He kept craning his neck towards the window, where we could see big, fat flakes of snowing coming down. I flipped him on his tummy for awhile, too. He's already able to lift his head for short periods of time, and he even rolled over! I think it was a fluke, though. We were both pretty surprised.

I'm starting to get the hang of this new home-life. I spend lots of time laid back on the couch with him on my chest, nursing and napping and reading. I'm reading my first ever e-book right now, Elizabeth I by Margaret George. I thought I'd hate an e-reader but I actually quite like it. It makes reading an almost 800 page book with one hand a breeze, that's for sure!

I keep reflecting on how everything happened two weeks ago. How certain things all came together to add up to my particular birth experience. Like finding a house-sit. There is no way I would have laboured as long as I did out of the hospital if I'd been in a hotel. Actually, I think I would have been in the hospital when I first woke up with strong contractions, 10:30 on Monday night. That makes me wonder if things would have happened as fast as they did. I have a feeling that on hospital time, with cervical checks and fetal monitoring, and someone different popping into the room every 20 minutes, things might have happened at a much slower pace.

What really led me to have the experience I did, though, was Asheya's presence. Having a doula there gave me so much confidence to just trust in what my body was doing, to allow everything to progress naturally, and I think it gave P some real confidence, too. Otherwise, we both would have been bumbling around, wondering if what was happening was normal, going back and forth to the hosptial, and ultimately spending way more time there than we actually did.

Must cut my musings short...I haven't mastered the art of nursing in the Moby wrap just yet....

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